Mission Statement

The Pittsburgh Area Planted Aquarium Society is a non-profit club dedicated to furthering the hobby of live plants in aquaria. Our goals include:

  • providing a forum of fellowship for the sharing of our common interest in aquatic gardening.
  • providing support and guidance to hobbyists of all skill levels through the free exchange of information, experience, and ideas.
  • promoting the cultivation of aquatic plants for the pleasure of their scientific study; to improve understanding of growing techniques and to maintain a diversity of aquatic plants available to the hobby.
  • promoting aquatic plants as elements of design in the art of aquascaping; to foster aquascaping as self expression and the pursuit of art for art's sake.
  • representing aquatic gardening in the Pittsburgh community; to encourage public interest and involvement in the hobby.

PAPAS and its members are dedicated to all forms of planted aquariums

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