Joining PAPAS is easy, stop by a meeting, listen, meet the members and ask questions. Our meetings are informal, open to the public, and often open format.

Cost of membership is low, $20 a year, pro-rated. Membership in PAPAS gives you access to the plant auctions at the end of each meeting,and a group rate discount on membership to the Aquatic Gardeners Association.

Each meeting opens with a presentation by a member or guest, an open talk period and an auction of live plants donated by members from their own tanks and ponds. Rare and new to the hobby plants frequently are found here for much less than you can find them online or locally. The auctions are our primary source of funding, eliminating the need for annoying fundraiser campaigns.

Please swing by our Facebook pages, the Official PAPAS Page for news and updates about the club, and the PAPAS Group for discussions about tanks, asking for and giving advice, and showing off your tanks.

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