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Welcome to the home of the Pittsburgh Area Planted Aquarium Society. 

Have you ever wanted to make the fish in your tank happier and healthier by adding live plants?

Were you ever awed by the beauty of an aquascaped aquarium and wanted to try it yourself?

Thought you were the only one in the Pittsburgh area who cared about such things? PAPAS is here to help!

News - Meetings now start at 1 PM to accommodate Oddballs new hours!

Next Meeting, November 4th

Due to the need to emergency tear-down of the Riparium, Shaun is delaying his Fauna for the planted Nano tank talk for a future date, and leading a discussion on what has and has not worked on the PAPAS display tanks over the years. (Not that he wasn’t ready for the original topic or anything!) 

Some of our tanks were show-stoppers, some were, well, something else. Let’s put our heads together, learn from the past and build on what we did  best! And as always, there will be an auction of member-grown plants at the end.


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